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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Nike basketball 2015 "play tricks" summit on June 12 was held at the Nike headquarters in Shanghai, Nike basketball player Bradley - Bill (Bradley Beal ), Chinese basketball famous coach Wang Fei, Guo Shiqiang, "black" Chen states, as well as 2014 "play tricks" three MVP players yellow legal Yao, Li Guan Yang and Woosung Wei gathered to share their basketball story, to discuss the development of Chinese youth basketball. the past two decades, the rapid development of basketball. With the introduction of basketball facilities, equipment, universal, and a variety of basketball activities, so that more and more young people fall in love with basketball, the rapid growth of Chinese youth basketball population. As the world's leading sports brand, Nike has always attached importance to the development of youth basketball to help teenagers improve the level of basketball in Greater China, by creating a variety of platforms, launched a variety of activities, so that young athletes can fully show themselves, given the opportunity to continuously upgrade, Enjoy basketball bring happiness. Chinese famous basketball player Yao Ming also encourage the young people to actively participate in basketball, he said: "The fight is not just to enter the professional basketball team, it can serve many purposes, know more friends, hone their will, etc. etc. Any one of them could become a driving force 'play tricks', rather than just to be a technically better athlete. " Nike importance to China two decades Youth Basketball Development summit the same day, the 13th Asia Nike Camp (Nike All Asia Basketball Camp) also in Shanghai ended. Training camp brings together eight countries and regions elite youth basketball players, Nike basketball player Bill Bradley ?, ? DeMarcus Cousins ??(DeMarcus Cousins) and a strong lineup for coach these young players offer a system a high level of training. Nike adhere to hold training camp in Asia, hoping to dig out an effective selection mechanism has basketball talent teenager, and further provides more opportunities for exposure to high levels of training and competition for them. Beginning in 2002, organized by Nike camp in Asia also made including Yi Jianlian, Ding Yan Yu-hang, noble, Greater China, including hundreds of young athletes receive high water training and competition. Yao during visits Nike Asia basketball camp, said: "When the time basketball becomes a habit, it can train your will, but also to bring you j jordans on sale online oy, so you do not consciously enjoy it, enjoy Every sound emitted basketball on the court beat and basketball into the basket every time. " As the world's leading sports brand, Nike Greater China has always been concerned about the development of youth basketball. Since 1996, Nike has invited Yi Jianlian, Wang Zhelin, Zhou Qideng ten young Chinese players, went to the United States to participate in the Nike Hoop Summit (Nike Hoop Summit), for them to showcase their talent on the international stage. In addition to the young athletes to train and help, Nike also paid special attention to grassroots basketball development. In 1997, Nike also will be the first three on three basketball introduced in Greater China, the founder of Chinese high school basketball league sente (CHBL), Chinese Taipei High School League (HBL) and the Hong Kong League Nike (Nike League), Greater China teenagers provide a platform to show themselves, so that more people participate in basketball, affecting a large number of teenagers who love basketball. "Now young people, whether grassroots or a young player, I admire them so much learning platform and opportunities for growth. You even had the opportunity to be like Kobe ? Bryant (Kobe Bryant) such players together play, this is really unimaginable before. "Wang Fei said. challenge themselves growing ? Bill Bradley appeared the summit atmosphere to a climax. Bill and share their own growth story, and his basketball experience. A mother from being forced to play basketball child 6 years old, and today many fans were respected young stars, Bill process and growth in the first line, and slowly come to understand the fun of basketball, happy to accompany him on the road chasing the dream en route. "First of all we want to enjoy the joy of basketball, no matter what you do, I hope you are able to do very happy. No matter what kind of dream you have, go to the chase, the whole process will make you grow harvest of course also have an ambitious goal and a rigorous plan, never give up. "Bill said. superior game performance from the systematic and scientific training. As the year of American youth basketball star Bill Bradley ? and Guo Shiqiang coach talked about the importance of training and competition for young players grow and progress. Bill in high school and college basketball have accepted the system of training, but also have participated in Junior Amateur Championship throughout the United States, with excellent training and competition players age, and therefore has made conside Cheap foamposites for sale rable progress. Bill recalls:. "During that time I talked to a lot of masters contest of strength, not only gain confidence but also enhance the game so you have to have conviction, believe they can do it" For the development of young players, former youth team coach Guo Shiqiang Liaoning also gives his advice: "I would tell young players who, in the path of growth, we must lay the basic skills, focusing on basketball skills training and culture basketball philosophy, especially team spirit, which is essential. " Yong chase dreams play tricks In the discussions coming out of the 2014 summit, "play tricks" law yellow three MVP players Yao, Li Guan Yang and Wu Song Wei's story is like a microcosm of many young people in Greater China. Huang Yao from Hong Kong law in the second grade in the country fell in love with basketball, basketball changes and goals to make him feel a different kind of fun, he progressed rapidly, and soon won the championship in the league and in Hong Kong on behalf of Hong Kong teenagers off Yaqingsai . "Learning" and "Basketball" from the outset along with junior juvenile Shijiazhuang Li Yang's growth outlook, basketball court gain confidence to promote their studies, with honors, he was admitted to the Xi'an University of Technology. Woosung Wei from Taiwan Yunlin out, to accept guidance from the Enlightenment small sandstorm country, to high school to enter the School of Home Economics Sanmin campaign HBL, basketball forging up constantly challenging his heart. Basketball along with their growing years, basketball brought them joy and confidence, basketball changed their lives. After the game last year, they went to Barcelona, ??Spain, to participate in the Nike International Basketball Carnival. Just a short time, but also make three MVP fruitful. "Thank you very much last year 'play tricks' Let me have the opportunity to return to the basketball on the road, especially to see my grandmother to the scene to see me play, it has always been my dream." Woosung Wei said, "After last year's game, Let me know better how to cherish, not every opportunity is so easy to get in the stadium and life will not give up. " Last year activities, Li Guan Yang worked at Bryant's scoring one defense, this experience made him gain confidence. Then he put the self-confidence to continue into life. Today, Lee has become a concept foreign students, a model teammate. He said, "'play tricks' I met a better themselves, but let me be more confident and better themselves, however, waiting for me in the f Cheap air jordans for sale ront." Because "play tricks" experience, yellow legal Yao first get more support mothers: In the past few see him play mother, now often go to the scene to cheer for him; now, the yellow legal Yao also set a more ambitious goal - to enter professional basketball arena. "Last year's experience has taught me to understand: the goal is to practice step by step, and every step forward, you can make yourself grow some of the physical and mental exercise into a more powerful themselves." Said Huang Yao law. "play tricks" Greater China is the first basketball-themed drama documentaries (Docu-drama), it carries the dream of basketball for all young people, to encourage them no matter what origin, regardless of technical level, as long as dare to think do, full of passion and desire for basketball, constant pursuit of progress and breakthroughs, will be able to appreciate the significance of basketball. "Nike basketball launch of 'playing tricks' activities for teenagers is a good opportunity and platform. Sometimes, very slim chance for us, we need to go through training at the field and try Millions in order to fight for the first time, but it is commendable and it is also high-risk opportunity, so we headed to take better care of it, because this is a growing experience. "Yao said. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China Shoes Network)Vans California recently as spring 2015 brings the new Vintage Sunfade series. Including Old Skool Reissue CA and Sk8-Hi Reissue CA with two pairs of signs outline, made of canvas, and through the sulfur processing and stone wash, with mint green and dark gray and other colors, to create the one and only Vintage texture, and the side such as after the demolition of the signature mark more create new styles. At present, the series has been available through the Vans California the specified store purchase. vans-california-2015-spring-vintage-sunfade-pack-1.jpg (105.27 KB, download number: 12) download Vans California Vintage Sunfade 2015 new spring 2015-1-16 11:58 upload vans-california-2015-spring-vintage-sunfade-pack-2.jpg (104.21 KB, download number: 12) download Vans California Vintage Sunfade 2015 new spring 2015-1-16 11:58 upload vans-california-2015-spring-vintage-sunfade-pack-4.jpg (114.84 KB, download number: 12) download Vans California Vintage Sunfade 2015 new spring 2015-1-16 11:58 upload vans-california-2015-spring-vintage-sunfade-pack-5.jpg (145.05 KB, download number: 9) download Vans Cali cheap air jordans fornia Vintage Sunfade 2015 new spring 2015-1-16 11:58 upload vans-california-2015-spring-vintage-sunfade-pack-6.jpg (119.6 K0With the Trophy Rooms x Bape cooperation project officially open, people began to guess the more deep joint design. By the Jordan Trophy Rooms brand endorsement can launch by the marriage of both sides? The network released a set of hypothetical design again, this section uses the Jordan brand of the first person Air Jordan 1 for the design blueprint, the body of the shoe by the black color with blue decoration details, and flanking the Swoosh by Bape's iconic star replacement, and attached the iconic camouflage texture, with white bottom and finally blue bottom show. air-jordan-1-bape-royal-custom-jack-the-ripper-01.jpg (283.53 KB, download number: 17) download Bape x Air Jordan 1 Royal is coming? 2017-5-16 08:58 upload air-jordan-1-bape-royal-custom-jack-the-ripper-02.jpg (356.92 KB, download number: 14) download Bape x Air Jordan 1 Royal is coming? 2017-5-16 08:58 upload air-jordan-1-bape-royal-custom-jack-the-ripper-03.jpg (463.17 KB, download number: 14) download Bape x Air Jordan 1 Royal is coming? 2017-5-16 08:58 upload air-jordan-1-bape-royal-custom-jack-the-ripper-04.jpg (507.59 KB, download number: 14) download Bape x Air Jordan 1 Royal is coming? 2017-5-16 08:58 upload air-jordan-1-bape-royal-custom-jack-the-ripper-05.jpg (657.98 KB, download number: 18) downloadhas to dress sense of design Air Jordan XI classic status, Air Jordan and XI Low is the first year of proof strength, no leather sports shoes can shine. low version of both superior lightweight and breathable, in the summer for you to create a comfortable fashion style. Now, the shoes with simple and neat appearance with novel Obsidian color stunning return. shoe information: Air Jordan XI Low IE "OBSIDIAN" number: 919712-400 sale price: 1349 love friends don't forget Oh ~ The number of in the surf surf up: Sixty-six surfers from California Huntington Beach Surf Board take the largest in the world, because of their order in June 20, 2015 broke the Guinness world record, the number of surfing on the board up. To be eligible, the board must be in their own under the leadership of surfing for at least 10 seconds. is the world's largest rubber band ball: Florida Lauderhill Joel Waul in August 12, 2008 to create a rubber band ball 8200 pounds in his driveway. Three months later, in November 13th, Waul won the Guinness world record for the largest rubber band ball championship. is the w jordan shoes online sale orld's longest pizza Italy in June 10, 2017 in California, California Fontana car club on the highway successfully broke the Guinness world record champion, the longest pizza length is 1.32 miles (2.13 km), the tomato sauce and cheese spread to the pizza base. A pizza oven manufacturer and the alliance jointly broke Italy Naples held 600 feet (182 meters) the previous record. most people rush in a busy place: Rapper Big Freedia in the Pioneer Square in the city of New York in September 25, 2013 (Herald Square), to guide people to break the Guinness world record, all at the same time, second years, Big Freedia broke the record of the New Orleans central city festival. is the world's longest fingernails people: Chris "Dutchess" Walton in September 14, 2011 shows her nails at the New York public library, a total length of 19 feet and 9 inches (6.02 meters). has the world's largest sports shoes: The · Michael · Geller (Jordan Geller) Nike Air Jordan in September 25, 2012 included the Retro Series in the center of Las Vegas's "ShoeZeum". The clerk Guinness World Records confirmed that Geller ShoeZeum is the Nike shrine, he said each including a type of Air Jordans has done, has the world's largest sports shoes series, more than 2500 pairs. most people to open an umbrella at the same time: 2006 in June 14th, between Shuangcheng and California in Minnesota in Anaheim, Losangeles angel angel stadium in the game, most of the fans at the same time try to break the Guinness world record for most people to open an umbrella.. 8.'s most memorable crowd gathered together: Adidas D Lillard 2 color Oakland Mito enjoy Adidas D Lillard 2 Damian Lillard launched a new color to the hometown of Oakland at the same time will salute, the word "Oakland" printed on the soles, shoe body with yellow and green colors, echoing Oakland A's baseball theme color. It will be on sale in June 18th at $120. , the famous American trend brand Supreme, once again combined with the skateboard brand Vans, announced its brand new 'Mike Carroll' which will be released in the spring of 2011. If you ask about your collaboration with Supreme and Vans, which one do you remember best? Can you say that? But anyway, I believe you should say that those are more well-known styles of cooperation. Recently, it was announced that two parties may be forgotten by many people shoes, Mike Carroll launched a joint sneakers. In the currently published and we do not see the special material used in cooperation with Vans Supreme in the usu cheap air jordans online al or special printing effect, it is a very simple color, in addition to the signature of the tongue, this pair of shoes to change our basic very ugly, officially launched will have to wait until this spring, love can be a friend before, since PUMA x McQ 2016 spring quarter shoe propaganda film after the release, this time we are enjoying this magical effect on men's shoes series. The lookbook, photographed by Mel Bles, mimics the retro collage design and combines the features of shoes with models to create special effects. McQ draws inspiration from the PUMA 90s shoe design. It is reported that the full range is now on sale by the McQ online store. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Barneys New York x Clear Weather joint series of shoes N.HOOLYWOOD joint Converse Addict launched Chuck Taylor High shoes review on an article: Barneys New York x Clear Weather joint series of shoes next article: N.HOOLYWOOD joint Converse Addict launched Chuck Taylor High shoes Pou'll find various versions that just about every popular on free runs. And some of even change the status from the Nike shoes. It is household the truth that Nike shoes which famosu for any casual design. And you can find a great deal of people and some that are even the well-known stars would wear these kinds of shoes attending some functions. And especial for your current Nike vaider which seems to be extrem popular in days gone by years. it is considered the best hot selling products 2010. Before then, you may have already seen many versions from the new mens nike free run 5.0, due towards cool design inside appearance and high level of quality that design with. To be able to find such brand brand latter on become because mark of the age bracket. So most of anyone who has seen the pictures involving Nike shoes all black-jack shoe great adore to these, and want to use on such shoes or even boots. As for the unique style of the shoes come out there, what's more, the perfect design that each earn the shoes huge reputation. The most important design may be a midsole which provide great resistance to the shoes. And provide in which users great flexible, also , the comfort that all folks need. As for the Nike logo you could find it is intended in sliding tongue try to protect your ankle. To get more information on first nike free runs, please arrived at our free runs online website. I like this article,and it's fromleather rivets uniform experiment releases the latest fall and winter products, including the all-new Leather Studs sneakers. Designed to continue the brand has always been minimalist style. The shoes are available in black, white and gray. The shoes are made of leather, and rivet elements are added to the heel three. At present, the series has been purchased by brand designated retailers, priced at 39000 , yen (about 2400RMB). -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- ugly to explosive lights, lunar landing shoes, red and black holds the wonderful mobile phone shell on the bunker, The use of color version of money? Look at the 2014 Nike Air Huarache Sunglasses raiders / pick on sunglasses, let you type daft punk! God tide shop / Hongkong area to see chowhound: Tongluowan - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - is selling bottles again! Fort! This watermelon is not for eating! is not for wear! - shoes in the middle pressure box treasure, black lines, Nike, Flyknit, Roshe, Run, NM, new colors comments on : "it's not for wear."! - shoes in the middle pressure box treasure next article: black lines, Nike, Flyknit, Roshe, Run, NM, new color It a fact that for those free runs which are known for the enjoyment and celebration that they have. They do have various celebraties in order to remember some of the important events. Such activities are aim to make their life more colorful. Based on this, the shoes industry also turn their attenyion to release the shoes at the right time, such to launch at the time these celebraties processing. Always this time, it is the opportunity to celebrate the mantra of life for such a colorful community called Mexicans. And then once a time, the Nike grab the opportunity and introduce their latest version of cheap free runs.Red Indians put on a feather made cap on their head, and the cap is studded with a number of feathers of different colorways.You will find the shoe come in a strip which appear at the surface of the shoes, only take combination of the color into consideration, then you can get to know how popular this sneaker is. As well as other shoes industry, this one also occupy quite a lot of consumers. It is said that the designing concept of this one inspired from the previous versions. it the design with the white rubber sole that make the shoe exordinary, also provide great stability to the users. So just go ahead and ouw yourself one pair from our free runs online. I like this article,and it's fromChinese shoes Network November 27 hearing, due to the impact of the financial crisis, the world sports giant Adidas profitability continued to decline in recent quarters. In the third quarter financial results disclosed earlier this month because of its poor sales of sporting goods, the company's third quarter net profit of only 213 million euros, up nearly 3 percent back. As soon as possible to reverse this decline and expand business areas, adidas increasingly eyeing the booming outdoor market, and recently announced plans to market a series of 2010 priced at 400 Euro ($ 595 total) professional mountaineering jacket, To seize the current stable market share leader in outdoor clothing of The North Face. Adidas opinion because the growth rate of outdoor consumer market is much higher than traditional sports market. adidas Group global head Rolf Reinschmidt outdoors in a telephone interview that the world's second largest sporting goods manufacturer in 2015, set goals to become the so-called functional clothing in the leading brands, " Adidas to become the top ten brands of outdoor industry. "But he refused to disclose more detailed plan and to provide relevant data. According to the report of the European Outdoor Industry Association's 2009 European sales growth will be 0.7 percent of outdoor clothing market performance to be much better than the continued decline in the sporting goods market. Highly fragmented market characteristics in terms of Adidas is very attractive. Currently, the world's largest apparel manufacturer Wei Fu Group (VF Corp.,) brand The North Face with annual sales of $ 2.74 billion of the $ 59 billion to become the world leader in the outdoor industry. "Adidas is still lagging behind many professional brands within the industry, but it has started to move." CEO Europe's largest retailer Globetrotter outdoor industry companies Andreas Bartmann expressed Road. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany FY08 turnover of $ 205 million of Globetrotter company plans to start selling outdoor hiking shoes Adidas launched the series next year. Adidas will launch in spring next year Terrex Jackets series weighs only 325 grams, the use of some Adidas Manchester FORMOTION technology and the use of Gore PRO SHELL fabric, is a professional alpine Lightweight Jackets Altitude can reach more than 6,000 meters high mountain. The North Face company The German company did not provide sales data for its outdoor clothing, but said in 2009 the first three quarters of its sales of outdoor clothing section remains growth trend, although overall sales fell 3.7%. Wei Fu Group data released last month had said that under the current exchange rate, The North Face in the third quarter revenue growth of 10%, while in reference to the same standard, only four percent of its Group, another sports brand Vans gains. Columbia, but look at the world, not always the strong performance of all major outdoor companies each year. Another giant global outdoor industry in Colombia last month released the third quarter earnings report showed, compared with the same period last year, revenue fell 4% to $ 434.5 million, full-year growth is expected also will be further reduced. The company had annual revenue in 2009 is expected to say will become the low double-digit decline. so far this year, Adidas shares cumulative increase of 30 percent, Wei Fu Group is 34 percent, compared to 11 percent in Colombia. Adidas hire Huber brothers do endorsements Rolf Reinschmidt from 2007 began to charge Adidas outdoor sector and set up a 40-man team were high-tech outdoor clothing and footwear R & D, while increasing investment in television advertising, hired German extreme climbing legend Huber brothers (Alexander Hube and d Thomas Huber) to do endorsements, while sponsorship Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner (first of all 14 8000 m peaks ascent) of mountaineering activities to help them to expand awareness and build a professional image. "Now for us the most important thing is to win credibility in the outdoor industry." Reinschmid said. Adidas Group CEO Herbert Hainer currently last month said it would build its own brand of outdoor sector, rather than through mergers and acquisitions. "Adidas is trying to take advantage of the current opportunity for serious outdoor growing market promising to do a job." The Secretary-General of the European Outdoor Industry Association expressed appreciation for Adidas inroads into the outdoor industry, he hopes next year's outdoor industry can maintain sustained growth . "Even if people still continue to buy outdoor products in a recession, temporarily escape from the harsh realities of life seriously." Held said.